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What if what one believes is untrue?

It is an undeniable fact that we all have the right to believe what we want to believe. We should also be willing to face the consequences of such a belief, even if it means dying for that belief. Unless one is willing to do that then I would question the depth and truth of one's belief. Any faith worthy of the name will address the fundamental existential questions that have faced humanity for millennia and provide a meaningful answer for them. Anything less cannot be considered a true faith.

There are many faiths in the world today that are little more than convenient justifications for a person's behaviour. They have little in the way of ontological foundations and may change radically over time as individuals are blown about by every stray wind of doctrine and must constantly adjust to new situations that threaten their self image and identity. These beliefs are what the Lord Jesus Christ describes as the wide road that leads to destruction. There are many on that road.

[By dying for one's belief I am not endorsing suicide missions of any kind, or indeed seeking to enforce one's beliefs on others by way of war, simply the willingness to be killed rather than deny one's faith as many millions of Christians have been killed over the centuries, including those millions killed by the Church during the Inquisitions. This then places an onus on everyone to ascertain the truth of whatever one believes to be true. During persecutions in the first three centuries the Church grew but more slowly than when it became the State religion when everyone sought to be a Christian due to the benefits associated with such a profession. Many American politicians are in this position today.]

The UN is dominated by the Security Council and only Security Council resolutions are enforceable. In other words it is not a truly democratic organisation inasmuch as the number of countries supporting any particular resolution is of no consequence if the resolution is opposed by one of the five founding members who wield the veto power in the Security Council. This model of governance has gradually been implemented in the USA and Europe through a powerful Presidency in the US, using Executive Orders and a novel reverse voting procedure combined with the Presidential veto, and in the EU though an all powerful Commission writing and driving legislation though a compliant rubber stamp Parliament.

The actual government of all the Western nations and the UN is primarily conducted by fiat through their respective secretariats in much the same way as the former Soviet Union was controlled by the General Secretary of the Central Committee through the various soviets or committees throughout the nation. A similar structure is used by the political parties in the US as you well know. This means that the actual control of a country and now the world lies outside the visible parliamentary structures and is in the hands of those who finance and set the agenda of the banking and monetary infrastructure, the senior universities, the law societies, the think tanks and the civil society into which the academic institutions feed their brightest and best minds through the means of awards and scholarships.

This is why e.g. the Agenda21 scheme is possible and it is how it is being implemented. The same is true of the way in which the financial crisis was engineered all over the world simultaneously through the Financial Services Agreement issued by the World Trade Organisation. Obviously those who are wealthy, who are skilled in finance, in law and in administration will dominate any such governance structure. These qualifications favour the Jewish culture as I am sure you would agree. Given their natural clannishness and cultural paranoia it is inevitable that they have come to dominate the governance of the Western nations and therefore the UN.

This does not mean that every Jewish lawyer and banker and government official is a crook any more than every Muslim is a terrorist. In fact there are Jewish whistle blowers who have worked for UN agencies and are now opening them up to scrutiny to expose their corruption. But these are individuals not States. The fact is that the governments of the Western powers and the UN have been taken over by a criminal cabal using the same methods used to take over and create the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, the UN and the EU. This cabal is not by any measure exclusively Jewish but there are Jewish families deeply involved in it and the Jewish State is one of their enterprises.

These are all facts describing the present secular political situation but they do not address the question as to how these facts should affect our attitude as Christians towards Jews. Obviously everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to the Gospel. To preach the Gospel of reconciliation and restoration to every creature and to MAKE DISCIPLES from all nations (including the Jews) is the highest demonstration of God's love.

Initially, before the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, the command was "to the Jew first" since they were exclusively the LORD's people until that time and were given the first opportunity to hear and obey the Gospel. Now they are part of "the nations" in God's eyes and He is taking out of the nations a people for Himself...including from those Jews of the last dispensation. When a nominal cultural Jew surrenders to the Lord Jesus Christ then he or she becomes simply a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, a Christian and a true Jew, circumcised in the heart, a subject of the Lion of Judah and the King of the Jews.

To give the Gospel to the Jews is the supreme act of Love. To withhold the Gospel from them because one believes they have a right to believe what they want, that God loves them as His Chosen People and plans to save them apart from the Gospel, is the supreme act of Hate for the Jews. That at least is from God's point of view and to believe otherwise is contrary to God's will and makes one an enemy of God who is Love. Certainly God loves His enemies and is patient with them but at some point known only to Himself, especially in the case of one who is a Christian, He will withdraw His presence from them and give them over to judgement until they repent.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)