Comment: Looking to move to Bailey

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Looking to move to Bailey

Looking to move to Bailey (small mountain town about a mile southwest of Denver, Colorado) partially for this reason. I don't want a big ol' farm or anything, but I plan on raising a breed of fairly easy chickens and a garden designed by my uncle that is almost entirely self-sufficient and takes up very little space. This amount of food wouldn't be totally self sufficient (of course depending on the size of the garden and coup) but could easily be expanded should the need arise.

Bailey is a really nice place, I think the way people live there is a lot closer to how we were meant to coexist with nature. Even though they have access to the modern amenities their houses tend to be much more self-sufficient, using water pumps, sharing back yards with deer and elk, and often making use of solar panels and/or generators. If the SHTF out there, you'd be a lot less screwed than you would in the city. Depending on the circumstances you might already be in a really good spot.

But first I need to find a web development job out near Denver so I can pay for it! :p