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There is a difference between a country protecting itself defensively or in a manner that is at least consistent with justified self-defense and a country that preemptively strikes others, claiming "we had to attack now, before they could get us".

Granger, I really am starting to think that maybe you are in the wrong country and just haven't realized it for yourself yet. Your respect/love/adoration/biblical obsession with Israel seems to be greater than what you feel for your OWN country.

Since the U.S currently has no apartheid going on, isn't building huge walls to seperate people, isn't stealing people's homes and land, isn't murdering innocents(I mean in the way Israeli soldiers do), and the U.S doesn't claim to be a fierce, loyal ally while repeatedly stabbing another in the back...I would have thought rather than be an Israel-firster, you'd denounce Israel's sick behavior given its track record over the years.

But for some reason, you defend Israel no matter what it does and your defense is some weak "catch all" that pretty much allows Israel carte blanche.."Israel has the right to defend itself." Of course Israel has the right to defend itself, but that doesn't include preemptive strikes and assassinating scientists and killing innocent Palestinians, restricting much needed resources to the Palestinians, attacking harmless flotillas trying to provide aid to Palestinians et et.

So since you actually defend these kinds of behavior, behaviors most consider evil or monstrous, your defense of Israel kind of makes you look like you have a low tolerance for both "good" morality and the truth.