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That was not exactly what I

That was not exactly what I was trying to say... no. What I was trying to say is that there is nothing worse on the planet than some self-satisfied shitbag who smuggly thinks that dispite having no moral/intellectual/behavioral advantages over his fellow humans, he is somehow going to be the recipient of cosmic bliss while everyone else gets tortured forever based wholly on the fact that he selected his particular inane superstition to believe in.

The idea that most religeous people have that you will be judged based on what you beleived in rather than your actions is vexing to say the least. I don't personally believe you will be "judged" by anyone save your fellow humans and yourself as you lay dying and reflecting on how you lived your life. That said, if I was going to believe in fantasy super-powered wizards/kings with amazing powers, I would at least amend my psychosis to include a behavior clause to the heaven/hell contract.

Afterall, why would the cosmic overlord want to surround himself with a bunch of sniveling yes-men who never questioned authority or altered their behavior as requested; but instead felt content to appologise to their pillow every night for doing all the same stuff everyone else does... as if this was enough to placate the highest level diety in our multiverse?

But then, if I was going to engage in that sort of delusion, i'd probably go for a REAL God, like Thor. Excuse me but ill take the brawling, drunken mead hall in the sky brimming with scantaly attired valkyrie babes over the dull, boring golden city filled with boot-licking chaste suck-ups and halo-wearing, dickless werebirds any day of the week.

Valhalla rocks!

To each their own!