Comment: Gold and Silver do not mean money. But they could.

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Gold and Silver do not mean money. But they could.

You know, it took me a long time to figure this out but money can be ANYTHING. The only requirement is that "it" is generally accepted as money. When it is, it has value. I don't care if it is paper or a beer bottle, if a certain society deems it as their currency, it HAS value. But it must be issued debt free.

If I lived in Beerlanda and the going rate for a pound of chicken was either 2 glass beer bottles or 5 aluminum beer cans, guess what? Those bottles and cans are MONEY. But who wants to carry those around?

Paper is superior. DEBT FREE paper, that is. Government issued debt free paper, not private interest bearing paper that we all know is debt upon creation under our current hijacking.

As one of those members that will have 6 years around here soon, I have read a ton about the money issue. And I'll give you that ONE thing, that one thing that always stuck in my throat when it came to gold and silver backed money...

Ask anybody here what gold and silver are worth today. Their answer will always be how much PAPER money it takes to acquire an ounce.

Paper can have value and you prove it every time you buy gold or silver. Argue that one. Please try.

Money in any state can be whatever we agree on. It does not need to be backed by anything, period. The only things that matter are how much of it is issued and that it is issued debt free.

Sorry gold bugs. Sorry silver bugs. Your argument after all these years, simply sucks.