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Comment: False alternative.

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False alternative.

Is it any tragedy that Lincoln received a bullet instead of the "due process" that "the law" says he is entitled to? Sometimes it isn't a question of deliberation vs. haste; it's a question of justice vs. NO justice/tyranny/injustice.

The "culture" which prefers "deliberation" to "haste" is fed to us in government schools, which offer the false alternative of crazed lynch mobs, as opposed to our "deliberative" legal system. Think about who benefits from all the "due process" built into our legal system. It's not the defendant, who is denied speedy justice. It's not the victim of the crime, likewise. The people who benefit are the lawyers, who NOT coincidentally, comprise most of "our elected representatives, who MAKE the laws requiring more and more "due process." Think of "due process" as code words meaning "more money for lawyers, and screw everybody else."

Have you heard the saying "justice delayed is justice denied"?

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