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You're obviously NOT an engineer

because no engineer in his right mind would walk away from a valid argument in ENGINEERING/PHYSICS/METAL PROPERTIES and take the low ground of whining about some meaningless thing like consensus.

I gave you the valid scientifically proven argument. Yellow metal was pouring from the building in molten form and there's no accountable source for it to get the hot. As you would know if you knew mechanical properties, a metal's color is not dependent on what kind of metal it is. It's dependent on it's temperature. If aluminum is hot enough to melt, it's still at a temp lower than dark red hot. This is because aluminum melts at ~1200 degrees. Yellow hot molten metal is much higher. See here:

So, forget about the building falling and all the rest. Just please do tell us all what "MOLTEN YELLOW" metal was pouring out during the videos and what caused it to get to what temperature? Clarification - that's 3 distinct questions.

(Hint: This one SINGLE issue has convinced nearly every engineer I've worked with once we got past their preconceptions.)

ps: Thnx for the laugh. I haven't trusted Popular Mechanics magazine for real science since my freshman ME classes! I almost lost it all over my keyboard at that one.