Comment: We need to start educating children HOW SERIOUS...

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We need to start educating children HOW SERIOUS...

We all learn about the constitution... We learn about it from public school and textbooks. As children we cannot possibly understand the seriousness OF FOLLOWING it is, or HOW SERIOUS it is to NOT FOLLOW the constitution.

I mean, as a child, you can tell how serious rape, molestation, child abuse, stealing, slavery... are. Because you can see the direct harm done directly to a person or persons.

But you cannot tell as a child, that disregarding the constitution IS MUCH WORSE than rape, slavery, theft... It is more fundamentally wrong. To disregard the constitution is to INSTITUTIONALLY STATE that "theft, rape, slavery... are permissible."

It is akin to the ten commandments. Even though I am not religious, some of the commandments are so foundational, don't lie, don't steal, don't kill... To disregard them as a whole? The most serious thing possible.

But most people have not been equipped to notice that is what is happening.