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The Granger said:

"It's more like, as a believer, which I am, ... miracles happen. Had one just last night, and to top it off, this magnet appears, "Miracles Happen". I was like "Wow!" THANK YOU GOD!"

This is what i have a big problem with...Why would God spend precious time out of his BUSY, BUSY schedule to send a butterfly to land on someone's nose? Or to help The Granger find a magnet?

If "God" was sending these little "miracles" at me I'd be like "Whoa, God. Priorities bro, why don't you put that effort into something more useful? Like, I don't know, feeding some starving kids in Africa or stopping apartheid? Preventing WW3?" But no. He spends "his" time performing little "miracles" for The Granger

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