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Yes Greg

I only am capable of thinking what my masters force feed me. Seriously brother, quite thee ad hominum and red herring attack you threw at me. I never alluded to mindless compliance to authority, all I'm arguing is that there is quite the paradox within what I believe to be held in most anarchist theory; that government is inherently immoral, yet striving for a voluntary society and one that upholds the NAP.

Nothing Is wrong with the NAP or Voluntarism, I'm an avid supporter of both. However you can't at the same time hold those positions because people under such principles are validated in their actions to form a goverment instituted on voluntary measures, and with respect to the NAP. You would have to break your own rules of respecting peoples choices and non-aggression to break up the formation of governments.

As for the taxation claim, I suppose its a matter of semantics. Yes it would be more so a donation if given voluntary, I guess I've just always thought that if it was voluntary given towards a state/ governing function it should classify as a tax. But I'm open to disagreement with this argument.