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From a simple search I find

From a simple search I find no resume of this guy other than the listing on the truther petition. If I search for my grandfathers name, who was an architect and died back in 2005 I can find pages of google results related to work he did, even 8 years after his death. This guys supposedly active and not even so much as a phone number for a firm he's with? I smell a rat. The guys so old he could truly just be senile. Could also be someone simply ran a search for old codgers in the publicly-available PE databases and mined his name and added to the petition without his consent. All this and we still don't even know what this guy's background is. "experience in all types of buildings." What does that mean? A bellboy could make the same statement. A maintenance worker. What did he actually do? What does he actually do?

Long story short, that the best you've got?