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Impeachment, The Perfect Remedy

Exactly, as I stated in a different thread, charges MUST be brought against Obama for initiating a war in Syria without a congressional declaration of war to MAINTAIN the integrity of the process of impeachment. Even if impeachment fails in the US Senate, the mere process of subjecting a corrupt POTUS to impeachment and tarnishing his "legacy" in history is far superior to ignoring the criminality of a POTUS.

We have had far too many jokers (criminals) in the White House since this country's founding that have escaped impeachment unfortunately and failure to use impeachment as the proper remedy has impaired its value in the eyes of corrupt congressman. Well, this country has to start sometime rigorously deploying the remedy of impeachment even if the prospect of conviction in the US Senate is minimal. If corrupt congressmen won't obey the letter of the US Constitution, then the people must inform their corrupt congressmen of their failure to obey their oaths and remove them.

In my life, I haven't seen ONE POTUS that should have escaped the process of impeachment, not ONE.