Comment: I remember the war drums

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I remember the war drums

I remember the war drums beating for Iraq and Saddam Hussein. I wondered how 911 went from Osama bin Laden to a whole country being invaded and killing of innocent people in Iraq. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) was coined without any definition. I have pictured the "powers that be" laughing that the American public will buy anything and taking bets they could even get a president elected with "bomb" in his/her name that sounded foreign (Barack Obama, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden - ironic?).

I saw a few people start to protest the war with Iraq and I thought we had a chance to diffuse it. Protests were growing. Then one night I went to bed and awoke to the news the US started a massive airstrike in Bagdad (19 March 2003). It is ten years later and we are still at war with many people killed, maimed, and alienated all for democracy right? America has been hijacked by a criminal cabal and I can understand why other countries dislike Americans. If my brother or family member was killed by another country I would always harbor ill will. War with Syria is not an option and every American needs to take that stand.