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"on the weekends here i see

"on the weekends here i see the same aircraft flying
heading in the same direction,coming from the same place.I can set a watch by them,now these do not leave a visible lasting trail behind them.These leave
a vapor trail that dissipates"

Scheduled air traffic, such as commercial airlines and FedEx. These try to route through stable air for as much of their flight as possible.

"... there are ones that leave a trail,and it stays,they do not dissipate these spread out,and cause the sky to turn gray,"

Craft flying at different altitudes and through moister air. Also: Even if they were spraying chemicals, for the overcast to cover the whole sky it has to be "powered" by just the ambient air and moisture, since hypothetical seeding chemicals don't reproduce but condensation state-changes can.

"when i first noticed them 3 days later it would rain,bet this give meteorologists a run for their money"

If it rained shortly after a seeding (deliberate or otherwise) it might have been caused by it. But three days is plenty of time for any weather phenomena (that didn't change the ground's reflectivity or moisture content, like a snow or rain storm) to move on. In fact, 3 days is about the short end of the time for most whether phenomena to be replaced by unpredictable results of chaos amplification.

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Now none of this proves the spooks AREN'T spraying some nefarious stuff from time to time - to poison us, immunize us against feared bio-war weapons, make us all docile, kill us before Social Security and Obamacare go bankrupt, try to reverse perceived global warming, or what-have-you. But all the "evidence" I've heard so far can be perfectly well be explained by well-known atmospheric phenomena. So I'm not impressed.

If there really IS something being sprayed, and it's coming down to ground level to do something nefarious, how about somebody collecting and analyzing it, and reporting THAT.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.