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Let me ask you something...

Has the "NWO" ever been a "secret"? Or has it been something that Republican fringe have been screaming about since day one? Has a one world currency been a "secret" or something the Republican fringe has been screaming about since day one?

If everything were rolled up into one world government, who would profit from war? If it were one world government, who would profit from currency manipulations?

Has the fight against the "NWO" kept you adequately occupied and swinging at phantoms for as long as you have been thinking about it?

They don't want a one world government anymore than we do. For very different reasons, of course. But they do want you to fear it, because it keeps you busy, and helping them.

They want to keep you fighting against what they don't want. They are using you for their own ends.

I use the term "they" very loosely because there really is no specific "they". They is in reference to all those powers who profit off of these things, that we want to see removed.

You have been, as we all have been, used as a tool, as it suits them. Fighting a fight that isn't in your interest, for their benefit, and you don't even realize it.

When Lincoln issued Greenbacks, public opinion was controlled to believe it was worthless. Well it was, but worth no more than bank issued currency. Look at every great move in history that has favored them, and you will see manipulation of public opinion, especially in ways that made those involved think they were defending the rights of the people, but were in reality defending the bankers.

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