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Yes, I believe what I am told, and then put it into perspective, which I may not agree with, or find to be false to my understanding.

The occupations of the US military are agreements by the leaders. Let me put this in perspective for you, because here in America, we have many global corporations occupying the USA.

Let's say that nationals from India found how to crack a mineral that the USA had more than ano place eles in the world. And the US government, makes a deal, federal land, moves some Indians around again, and India companies come to the USA and begin collecting and cracking the product. The people of the area, instead of getting richer, get poorer, and their leaders are living the richest lives all all humans. Who do you imagine would go and attack the Indian companies?

Well, lets say several groups in CA decide, that Obama and Kerry are way too high to reach, so they decide to sabotage the Indian's processing, and are successful. The Indians put up gates, and then walls, and which took crews, and some of the crews got killed, and then more.. so a security team was sent, and they were bombed, so then more.. and finally the military is dispatched.. because there was already too much murdering and sabotage.

I hope you can see, the violence is what established the military being there to develop oil on their equipment, which they bought, with your money. It was not that the military was there first.

I saw some YouTube headline that claimed there were 53 varieties of exterrestial life in earth.. aliens.. not all humans are created equal.. my point being, all your rights come from being human until you meet the inhuman who does not see you as a human, but a beast, who they have the right to kill, because they are stronger, faster and meaner.

Murder, rape etc does not come from Islam, it is made legal in Sharia Law.

I think people who hate jews hate Israel, and they make MSM combacks, but it's pretty apparent, most folks don't have any clue about Israel, but that there are Jews, Palestinians hate them with good reason and something evil about them.. which I think is by design, not by accident,

I'm not pedeling paranoia.. I'm telling you that Islam does not deserve respect, only tolerance.