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Comment: Yes, go to LPAC 2013!

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Yes, go to LPAC 2013!

I feel exactly as the reader about the C4L pitches. No one has mentioned the mailings! Imagine what those cost? Mine go right in the round file. I remember the first one I received. I opened it with such eagerness. How was the C4L going to communicate? It HAD to be good, it was coming from my hero, Dr. Paul. My disappointment was HUGE, it was no different than any other multi-page, two sided, used car salesman-like crap for any other entity that wanted money. These things have continued to come for almost five years, so they must be getting money. I can't only imagine if they had someone at the head of these email & mail campaigns who knew the kind of letters we'd like to receive.....

But, I went to LPAC in Reno in 2011 & it was SENSATIONAL! Often, there were speakers I wanted to hear in separate rooms, speaking at the same time. You have to choose your schedule carefully. You'll also meet a lot of new friends, so don't hesitate to go.