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They are terrified of YOU

Remember pride goes before a fall. If the elite were so smart they would have pulled the New World Order off in the 70's or the 1980's or maybe even after The Great Depression.

They can't predict everything especially when it comes to the speed of technology and information. Hobby hackers are building flying camera mounted drones in their garage just for the giggles. The next Steve Jobs could very well be the home-schooled son of a Ron Paul supporter.

Remember movie characters like Hannibal Lector, Kaiser Soze (from The Usual Suspects), Jig-saw(from the Saw franchise)? Think of all the films where the super-smart bad guys win at the end. Those films are just further examples of mind-control programming to get you to believe they are all knowing and all seeing and you can't beat them so don't even try.

The truth is that they are terrified of you. Stop and read that last sentence again. Let that sink in for a moment. Don't believe me? Ask MLK Jr, Ron Paul, Bill Cooper or even Aimee Allen.