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I left C4L for this very reason. Insulting, incompetent, sleazy and wasteful is how I would sum up these spammy emails, mailers and leadership running this organization. I have repeatedly unsubscribed to the emails and have asked them to stop sending me their costly, multipaged, full colored glossy petitions for more they can send me more of the same for more of the same, etc etc...
They still come. I donated online, why am I even receiving mailers??

My donations were not being well spent and I felt the organization was being mismanaged, assets and talent squandered, so I left to push liberty in my own way. And it's too bad too, I had high hopes for C4L. I signed up the first day and thought C4L would be this amazing vehicle to effect much good. Perhaps it has done some good, I'll grant it that, but not as much as it had the potential to do. C4L blew it. I think many people were turned off and left because of the very reasons you point out. I don't know who is responsible for it but it seems Ron Paul is deaf to any criticism of anyone he employs, so I don't know what if anything can be done about it. People have been complaining about John Tate, Jesse Benton et all for years to no avail. Let the one with the biggest voice, the free market, have its way with it I suppose. If things like this are not changed it will shrivel up and blow away. Which would be a shame. In the meantime I would suggest supporting other more transparent, more responsive and effective liberty organizations with your time, money and efforts.