Comment: When people say think of all

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When people say think of all

When people say think of all possibilities, then it means ALL possibilities, even the one you brought up, i have had those thoughts, but i dont think it'll help them one iota if they are indeed doing this, because they are basing it on the face of people WHO dont think of the possibilities, not doing so i believe is to go in unprepared, possibilities is a tool of ours, why would we purposefully withold it from ourselves.

I personally think its within the realms of possibility, sure, i just dont think they realise how far people have come that their "games" are now impotant, and all it takes is an open mind and time, something a tyranny would show itself if it tried to manipulate either, through what ever means

I want full GLOBAL transparency, and i want truths....not secrecy and manipulation, grounds for imediate mistrust......the old generation, doesnt even realize its old, or cant fathom the loss of what they have, but its becoming painfully obvious that the people in this day and age want a change, of the old corrupted ways.......the longer it continues i fear the harder and worse the transition, but i have no doubt that the transition is enivatable, its just the timetable that is in question......something i am both scared and excited about, yes the chaos that people will bring, but also the possibility to actually do what one says, in honesty, that is a very big deal, a root symptom that i believe would trickle down into many other issues, not all, but some, with a possibility to open other avenues