Comment: A surgical strike air attack

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A surgical strike air attack

That lasts about an hour or something, would probably not start WW3. But it would damage US interests in the region, again, and endanger the national security of we the people. Doing it without any proof at all will be even worse, so I suspect they may wait until inconclusive results from weapon inspectors on Saturday. Egypt has sided with Syria, likely to contain Israel, if the region explodes. My theory has been, that former pres. candidate and general Wesley Clark (D) probably wasn't lying when he disclosed there have been military plans drawn up to overthrow most of the Middle East. I think the goal each time, especially in Iraq and Pakistan, has been to see if we ever get a response from neighboring countries or regions, and literally trigger a regional war.

At this point in time, the US defense industry and the ultra-nationalists controlling the military industrial complex seem convinced that this is the only time in history that we will have a chance to place a firm grip over the Middle East. If that grip (permanent rights for troops, inclusion in some pro-western coalition) cannot be established, they would prefer destabilization than to see regional hegemony take firm grasp by one nation. Iraq gave Iran the powerhold in the region, outside of Israel, even though they're not even Arabs they're Persians. Our misunderstanding of Middle East politics is very dangerous - perhaps our military posture towards it even more so.

This only opens the door for American interests when we take down these nations. For example, has taking out Iraq really made anyone safer, at all, on this planet? Instead, the nation is destabilized and easily bought off by powerful interests. What threat did they ever really pose the US? Any sane person knew, before the war, this was propaganda. A quick search on Google showed their entire navy consisted of one or two speedboats, and they had been under total air domination and bombardment since 1992.

Reading the news seems to put blinders on for people. If we do strike Assad, and disable his regime, now you have chemical weapon stockpiles that may be easily seized or obtainable. If that is the goal, to take out these stockpiles, that should be easily explained to people. However, since Iraq, most common sense people would draw the conclusion the risk is not worth the reward. Syria hasn't attacked any neighboring countries so this would be another flagrant violation of international law.