Comment: How are you doing?

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How are you doing?

There is no fallacy in saying real Christian. Believe it or not, but as it relates to how a Christian should act, the Bible is pretty cut and dry regarding it, and it leaves little room for interpretation. It's not that I "think I figured it out" but I apply what the Bible say to my life. It has only got muddied through the intellectualizing of it, always looking for the grey between the black and white (and sometimes red). And not trying to put it out there like that, but if you are coming strictly from Scripture with me, it is hard to have a legitimate "equal opposite." Really, if you really read the Bible, it is really that straight to the point about how to live.

How do I not see reality regarding my comment towards homosexuality? Here is the thing, as a Christian, I look at homosexuality as a sin, the same way that I look at getting drunk as a sin, lying, cheating, killing, etc. etc., but (going back to the true Christian thing), I understand that everyone makes their own decisions and I still love the individual regardless. But in this generation of sensitivity, most can't grasp the concept of disagreeing with lifestyle doesn't mean hate. How is disagreeing with an act bigoted? I guess I'm a crackaphobe because I hate what crack has done to the community? *shrugs*

I could have worded the point about Christians being protected under the Constitution a little better, but if you read my whole point, you could have clearly saw where I was going with that. The Constitution gives me the right to practice whatever religion I want (well, it states it because I would live a Christian life even if outlawed). And lol @ "that Ron Paul guy." One quick note on that, Ron Paul did not change my life nor political views. I supported and voted for Ron Paul because he aligned with the view that I've had since a child. (1992, at age 9, is when I began to wanted to learn more about politics and I started by picking up the Constitution but that is another story for another day.). I don't take everything that Ron Paul say as gospel. I agree 100% with the Constitution protecting the individual though, because that was the intent.

Never said that there was anything in the enlightenment/libertarian philosophy that stops people from having nothing better to Honestly, I'm not into the enlightenment/libertarian movement. I'm a Constitutionalist who believes in common sense. That being said, no one is asking for special treatment AND how does "making fun" of someone benefits anyone? If people truly believed in live and let live and I can believe what I want, the what was the purpose of this post? You see how that works out? Also, I never said that it was persecution. I understand the fact that Christians can't openly worship in many countries, even dying for the faith. Now that is persecution. As far as being overwhelmingly Christian, saying it doesn't always make it so. Words and actions go hand and hand (think about all of the warmongering "Christian conservative" always promoting war when Christianity speaks of peace.)

On a final note, Paine and Jefferson were Theist (lol) but they understood that each one of us has the right believe what and how we want to.