Comment: They're Hosed

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They're Hosed

1) cop's word against a mundane citizen's, forget about the video, 'failure to obey an order, failure to identify themselves, threatening an officer blah blah blah' or other such made up BS crimes. Then the audio matters and it will be cop's word against theirs.
2) they're black

Not saying it's right, just saying that's usually the way these things play out.

But they did get a few good shots in....gotta love it. Have to admit - I admired the fact that they DIDN'T BACK DOWN.

My prediction: the cop's'll be temporarily suspended (read: they'll get paid leave) and the youngbloods will get criminal records. Strike one for them, another set of (black) men who have been....uh, black-balled, for no GD good reason.

In Amerika, the more things change, the more they stay the same.