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Ok here's the thing

Thanks for calling me an idiot…..but you are wrong when you say I don’t know anything about her case.

When you posted an interview on here back in June I looked into her because the things she was saying about currency wars and gold backwardation just didn’t make sense. I trade financial derivatives for a living and I am a financial historian, so I know a little about what she is talking about……yeah just a little with over 30 years’ experience……so I might be an idiot or a troll……but a very knowledgeable one. Actually trading in overseas options market right now…..that why I am up at 4 am.

Here is what I stated about her back in June.

on this most recent post:
At the 9:38 mark of the interview she starts talking about “what’s really going on” and I will type this verbatim.
There’s natural gas but you have to have a pipeline to get it to the market, so Qater which has all this natural gas wanted to run a pipeline through Syria and then they were going to reach the European market. Well who’s supplying the European market with gas….the Russians. Saudi Arabia went to the Russians and if you stop protecting Syria…… then we are going to sell you arms for cheap. Russians said “No I want my market for natural gas in Europe”. So all this business about dead babies and that is just all to keep us confused…..everything that going on in the news is just to keep us confused…..we don’t need to be confused …..What we need to do is say to these crooks ….the crooks at the very top and say no.

Ok did you read the post “pipeline information I can wrap my head around”

She has the Russians on the wrong side……read the article…..the woman is not creditable…..And don’t even think about saying……oh she made a mistake……..I have analyzed other things that has come out of her mouth and none of it flows as an logical cognitive thought process…..sorry if you can’t wrap your head around that…..but you’re the one that called me an idiot…..but you believe this woman.

It puts reality into this conflict……it a Shi’ite vs Sunni problem…..and then it becomes an East vs West pissing contest. There is no conspiracy theory here……well…..only if you want to see one……but it’s not reality. Conspiracy theories are not reality……..the fight is Statism vs Liberty……and the Statist are winning……because the Liberty movement keeps getting hijacked by conspiracy kooks. You ever stop for a minute and wonder why nothing changes……because the conspiracy kooks are in the way…..they are part of the problem not part of the solution.

If you love Liberty….we should nullify the Constitution!

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"