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It may have been

an undeniable fact that we all have the right to believe what we want to believe. In some areas of the world, this is not the case, much of Islam for one.

I agree with the next 4 1/2 paragraphs. Here's where we do not agree:

"These qualifications favour the Jewish culture as I am sure you would agree. Given their natural clannishness and cultural paranoia it is inevitable that they have come to dominate the governance of the Western nations and therefore the UN."

The UN is dominated by communist and Islamic nations and why there are more resolutions against Israel than any nation by far.

If God was an elephant in the living room of life, then we are all blind, whether we seek God or not, those who turn away or ignor the elephant have that choice, and those who decide to reach out, only get a grip on part, it may be the trunk, or the tail, or the ear, leg, side, tusk, and there are many holy books, many versions of the bible, hundreds of denominations of Christinity, even Islam and Judeaism have their choices.. God is that judge, not me.

I am not going to tell you that you are wrong in your beliefs. As long as your beliefs do not threaten me, I respect them. I am a sinner, I repent, I ADORE God, and grateful for the blessing I count, and pray for God's mercy and grace. I accept what ever my fate with God will be. Job was a good man, he was testd as we all are tested. I have FAITH. I TRUST Jesus will judge me appropiately.