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Comment: The trouble with intolerant religions...

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The trouble with intolerant religions...

... is that they try to label all who are outside them. If you scour the principles of the major religions of earth you will find that ther are basically two that are dogmatic about being the only way to the god of their definition and both use the device of a hell to keep their followers in line; and between them have been right near the cause of most of the wars in Earth's history.

When I was a kid, I attended a church that was convinced that movies were evil and created by the opposite of their definition of god; then they showed movies in the church -- highly confusing for a kid.

Stepping back, it is not hard to see that religion divides readily into religious practice and religious philosophy.

Most religions differ widely on religious practice (should you dunk someone or sprinkle him? How frequent should your prayers be and what is their content? -- and so forth).

Most religions concur widely on religious philosophy (how should you relate to others in order to have peace and harmony?, and so forth).

Even the qustion of movies could be clarified by such a more tolerant viewpoint :)

When and where religious philosophy has been prioritised, some remarkable results have been obtained.