Comment: Well, all I know is I live in one of those well to do small

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Well, all I know is I live in one of those well to do small

New England towns where 80% of our tax dollars go to the school budget.

Just so you have an idea what that is - I pay over 6000.00 per year on an 1100 sq ft ranch - built in the sixties - with no real upgrades. Just your basic ranch - 6000 per year - and climbing. I know people in town that are paying - wait for it - over 30,000.00 dollars per year. That is just on the house people. My 2011 Nissan Titan - almost 800.00 dollars this year in property tax.
That is a lot of money people.

Now - you would think in such a well to do town, will such a huge school budget - people would scoff at the private school idea - I mean - hell we have the best school's there are right? Our average teacher is paid 85000.00 per year!!!!

Well - you would be wrong - there have never been so many kids going off to private schools. We have two very big, very well respected private Catholic high schools one town over - and we send a good handful of kids there every year.

This BS narrative about parents involved and all that is just crap - our district probably has TOO much parental involvement LOL. Yet - the private high schools just do a better job - and with that - those kids are getting into better colleges.

Unfortunately for me, I am really not that well to do in a well to do town - we do ok - better than average - but not enough to pay the taxes AND the 10-15 thousand per year for private school.

Oh and by the way - we CANT get invested in our schools the way we REALLY want - the government mandates(we are paying extra teachers to teach English as a second language so kids from China - whos parents are here on h1 visas taking my job - can be taught English) and teachers unions(every budget year its the same things - only way to lower the budget is to cut positions - not pay on people making 85000 for part time work).