Comment: I find it a little humorous

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I find it a little humorous

I find it a little humorous that Obama it dead set on moving forward on bombing Syria because, supposedly, Syrian govt used chemical weapons on it's innocent people. What about our own chemical weapon problems we are having and people ARE dying as a result. it's just not as "in your face" dying, it's more of a slow profitable death. The chemicals in our air, food and water. obama is VERY aware of it, yet does nothing to help his own INNOCENT people. People dying all around us mostly from things like Cancer and not only does he do nothing but the people that poison are food and water are put in higher ranks with him. And it's not just Obama, its all of congress that passes laws so that the people that are poisening our food are now above the law and protected from any potential lawsuits.
Make no mistake - this is a chemical war on us too, just done more gradually so it's not as noticable. But we are noticing and more and more people are waking up. And people like myself, well quite frankly, wouldnt mind a little help from other countries. Someone needs to stop him and our congress isn't ever going to do it. Maybe the only way to change our gov't is the help of other countries. There aren't enough people in congress to stop the corrupt, greedy gov't. We could use some help too.