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I work about 35 hours a week,

I work about 35 hours a week, so I have time to contribute. I know very little about marketing, but I was a writer and editor, and I would like to return to those crafts, especially the latter one.

Before I commit to a project, though, I want to be sure I have the time for it. Would you mind describing it -- what it's about, its purpose and how much writing and editing you think will be involved daily or weekly? A timeline would be handy, as well.

If you want to test my editing, I welcome taking a test here. Perhaps you could post excerpts of compositions (or compositions) you're considering posting to your website and let any DPer edit it. The DPer would copy and paste it into a comment box and edit it, making each comment a submission, a test, for employment.

Whatever you do, wolfe, I wish you well and bid you luck. By the sound of what you've written here and from what I've seen you write on the DP, you'll need little luck. Have a good one and talk with you later.

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