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It means, by looking at WIKI, the word was hijacked, like Ron Paul's message..

How many LP meetings have you been to?

Who on the DP is on a LP committee?

Is an officer on a LP committee?

Is an elected anything in the LP?

Has gone to a LP convention?

Has a LP By-Laws?

Running REPUBLICAN Gj again (since he is not what I would call a libertarian, unless being a libertarian means, "I'm liberal when it comes to ending ALL wars and marujuana(MIC/PIC). And I'm conservative when it comes to having NO government (anarchist to minianarchist), NO religion (Atheist or acting like an atheist), adopting Sharia law because some people can not (refuse) do constitutional laws, our government is corrupt and this is what we want to replace , err get rid of it, or keep it and make sure this is carefully watched, because as a libertarian I believe there should be NO state, NO problems, just PEACE and happiness, without working for it, but making lots of gold (money) because you exist"?

And no GMO, please.?

Reminds me of Obama gaining steam.. he offered Free cell/phones, and the LP offers, freedom from civilization.