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I mentioned it 11 times

and asked six questions. You counted how many times I said LP, but never answered one question, so let me answer for you, NONE.. You have not dont anything I asked about and still rah rah the LP. So how strong is the LP? Ether on DP.

(thanks ron paul <- cause you stole that to do nothing with it).

Of course MSM says the GOP is gross, they want to end the GOP and give us a global government with ONE party, the Democratic Party, to be The Party, as in communist China, there is ONE Party, or North Korea there is ONE Party, to represent the US at the UN.

So beith cool ether is better than being a MSM gross. OK. How is that going to materialize the ron paul's message? It doesn't, because like you, anyone can steal a message, but if they have no way to materialize it.. what was the point, feeling cool?

My man Rand is teaching people what they are about to lose.