Comment: I saw Commie Wolfie "Blitz" Blitzer on earlier...

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I saw Commie Wolfie "Blitz" Blitzer on earlier...

The Marxist traitor-Jew was pushing a propaganda story about Israel preparing for gas attacks by stocking up on and distributing gas masks. They ran out.

They accentuated the story with graphics behind little Wolfie's head, of an Israeli flag on the left and the Syrian flag on the right.

They went on and on about how Israel is worried about Syria, Israel is preparing for war in Syria, Israel, Syria, Israel, Syria, etc...

But it's not Israel who is planning on attacking Syria. It is Obama's Globalist regime.

The Israeli people do not want a war in their backyard. They do not support Obama's globalist faction controlled US bombing of their neighbor Syria. They will have to bear the brunt of any blowback for a US attack, and they want nothing to do with it.

The globalist factions that are backing "both" sides, or all angles really, are setting up the world's populations for WWIII. The people don't want it. Globalist forces want to shove it down our throats. They want Israel to be scapegoated, so it will finally be attacked. Then Obama the Anti-Christ can role in as Savior. Bam! World Government... After a little WWIII to bring the Peoples of the world to their knees.

The globalist puppet-masters, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, etc., are not sympathizers to Israel or Jewish people. In fact they hate them because, as Karl Marx (traitor-Jew) said, the Jews represents the religion &/or idea of 'one true G-d', and therefore represents an authority greater than the State, and so they must be eliminated. These people are like Pharoah. They want to be god, and they believe they are. They have played god for a long time. Now they want to replace Him altogether.

Commie Wolfie 'Blitz' thinks he'll side with the big strong scary governments owned by the Elite Satanists, and he'll be safe. They'll cut him loose the second he's no longer useful to them.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe Wolf Blitzer is a stand up guy? Maybe he's a libertarian, constitutional conservative? Maybe his loyalties lie with the American people?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?