Comment: And then us government

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And then us government

And then us government defenders wonder why the us more then any other nation gets the flak, and most suspicion in this "non" perpetual war.......

Perpetual war, a thing the us claims they dont want, assumes they can then stop it, and conviniently forgets the notion of blowback......what are they gonna do, drone or enslave those that hold resentment towards them for the wrong THEY did, .....until desenters are non existent?
they cant do this without proving those "desenters" in the eye of the public to have spoken with truthfull concern

They may have started the perpeptual war, but they will never have the ability to truthfully and honestly stop it within the hearts of those involved if they dont own up to their part or the people make them, and that means complete and honest transparency between a government and its people, the time of keeping secrets, except for stupid weapons that by the way were MADE POSSIBLE by a government, is at an end, the era of information is here........