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Besides, I just noticed,

Besides, I just noticed, you still miss the fundamental issue:

"the rich bastards" as you call them can PRECISELY get away with it BECAUSE they are the RECIPIENTS of a central bank given superpowers BY the government.

If, and only if, they didn't have those powers, the Fed, they would be forced to close tomorrow, for fraud, theft, rigged books, all in a global Ponzi scheme. The one turning a blind eye IS the government, mind you, by ignorance, stupidity, rent seeking, corruption, or all of the above.

And if you think that replacing the Rothschilds and today's Fed with a bunch of bureaucrats (who wouldnt even need to know anything about banking, but in the end in charge of doing the same INSANITY as what the Fed does today) is going to fix anything... You're totally delusional.

The thing is money does NOT need to be created... Most of the time, so to speak.

It is already above ground, in Gold, Silver, or whatever else you see fit that requires energy, invention, investments, and DECENTRALIZED control, and competition, to extract more of it from nature if needed. For Bitcoins, well, you need CPU time... But didnt you have to invest in the CPU first? Won't you have an electric bill for whatever you mined? Did you have to ask permission to the govt?

Gold standard or not (competing currencies), that will always be better than fiat or Greenbacks the supply responsibility of which fits all in the hands of just a handful almighty men who can go loco or evil any time! Especially when sustained by tax payers... Look out of your window.

On free markets, nobody, not even the Rothschilds, would be able to monopolize the oil companies, transports, logistics, you name it, in order to be alone to expand the money supply - you can always enforce anti trust laws if you really want.

They rig the system today because they own a domain completely financier, fraudulent, based on fiat currencies : that's like heaven for them! Minimal effort! The Gold doesnt need to exist, nor the Silver, just a couple database record updates, a phone call, et voila ! From $FRN 60 billion/month stimulus, uncle Ben switches us to the $FRN 85 billion/month stage. They didnt create sh.i.t, spent almost no energy for this counterfeiting transaction, and just injected 25 more billions into the stocks for their Wall Street buddies, but hey, Main Street will have to wait to see them... You know, 6 months later with 2 more points of (real) inflation... And that would be the same story with different actors and landscapes (say, more administrative) if it were govt-issued Greenbacks... Plague or cholera? Which to prefer?

How about... Neither?


Force the banks to store values that already exist or produced on the free markets by and for their customers, and trade with, by, and for tangible commodities only, with contracts, and NON fractional reserve requirements and everybody will be better off.

Small banks will thrives, get bigger, then fail sometimes in many bits because of insufficient profits and too much debt possibly, like any other business, and with the loss of a few thousand jobs for a while maybe, but who cares, when you have removed the moral hazards and risk leading for bank runs impacting the entire economy and not just the losers?

That would be infinitely more fair than what we have today: a complete global SCAM that serves only the govt and central banks and affiliates, precisely.

A complete mockery and denial of free markets and sound money.

A worldwide Zimbabwe, if you wish, with barely many more crooks at the very top.

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