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I don't want to stop

glad that cracks you up, truth is funny.

MSM is covering up the implosion of the GOP.. one reason they censored Ron, why GOP has a boycott now.. killing the party to make it ONE Party.. how does the LP work then?

I haven't seen the ron and rand interveiw,, tried to log an and it wouldn't, and thanks for reminding me.. need to try to watch that.

That's good Ron looks good and is happy.

Rand is doing great. I didn't predict anything about the RPC, I said it was BORING for me, I'm not learning anything new.. I look for ward to seeing the Rand interveiw, but honestly don't expect much. I HOPE it's a great improvement, however, Assage is just another MSM excuse for another brick in building the UN Agenda.

No, I don't feel silly. I feel hopeful for Ron and great to know that if I'm bored watching his intereveiw with Rand, he won't miss me as a supporter.