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Worthy of analysis

First off, I don't buy it, I think Obama is one of the bad guys. But the topic is worthy of consideration and analysis.

What if Obama is a good guy, pushing back against his puppet masters?

What if he has to take lead on the charge against Syria to avoid being pushed to the side or being executed like John and Bobby?

Obama did clean house after the nuclear weapon scandal--to clean up his own mess, or to exploit the publicity to get rid of rouges he couldn't have gotten rid of otherwise?

Obama is trying to clean up the TSA. He got rid of the cancer-causing X-ray scanners once the criminal Chertoff was out of the way. He relaxed many of the rules, including trying to allow harmless penknives on flights, to the distress of bleating stewardesses.

Obama is bringing in corrupt lunatics into his administration like bankers, oilmen--keeping his enemies closer than his friends?

Obama didn't immediately kill Snowden and Greenwald as he had the power to do and would have gotten away with in the eyes of the public, even if he was outed--but he almost certainly wouldn't have been implicated in their unfortunate deaths except by "conspiracy theorists."

I still believe the weighed evidence shows that Obama is not a good guy, but my mind is open to the possibility.

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