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No, that is a fact

You've had FOUR MONTHS to improve your situation and you chose not to, because you're paralysed by not having any money, because you can't save enough, as maybe this was never the answer to your preceived problem?

My guess is that there is a great place waiting for you that you can afford and will improve your life tremendously, if you get out there and get it.. and because TODAY IS THE DAY.. you've KNOWN about this day, and you're making excuses to prolong your agony in fear of a greater agnony.. well, many times what ever agony we go through winds up being for the best.. it's why I don't believe in kharma. Shit happens, and that includes GOOD shit.. go through this shit and find the GOOD instead of making excuses that are only your responsibility.

It's not easy, but it's WORTHY, so do what is WORTHY and trust that there is GOOD.. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND.. so get those boxes filled.. make moves to GET IT DONE.

You are leaving the room of HEll by YOUR choice because once you pass this gate of hell, you will advance.. I've seen it too many times.. GOOD shit happens when you make moves.. MAKE MOVES.

Do not be afraid. TAKE ON HEAVEN ON EARTH AND GET OUT OF HELL TODAY. Do it NOW. GOOD LUCK.. ((((((((((ramico)))))))))) YOU can do it.. you should be able to log in at Goodwill there are resources out there, and if you use them rather than let them use you, you will ADVANCE to a better place in this world.

Please.. take some deep breaths.. focus! Take on the weekend.. plenty of people in the parks to meet, ask about places.. when it comes to being homeless, you are starting at the TOP of the game.. don't be gamed..

Follow your heart.. not your fears False Evidense Appearing Real, following your heart means do what you love.. go places that you love.. use your head.. and be real about what you LOVE.. what are your dreams.. GO THERE NOW.. it takes guts.. find those guts to follow your heart.. use your head.. you're no dummy.

Look forward, not back. Be like water.. don't stagnate in a crappy situation.. come clean.. SEEK WHAT IS GOOD. You have a mission, GO FOR IT!!! YOU will do better than survive if you follow your heart.. go make your dreams happen, and stop the nightmare from getting in the way.

You will be OK. It's time for YOUR adventure.. take it on.. work it. fill those boxes, move that STUFF out.. start asking people if they know of a place where you can get on your feet.. MIRACLES HAPPEN WHEN YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEART, not stuck in your fears.

Being mad is a good thing.. be angry.. but don't take it out on those who are not prepared to help as YOU see help.. use that anger to fill boxes and meet people at salvation army, good will.. trust me, there's already been people there in your same situation.. you are not alone.. we all have our adventures.. some of mine were so outstanding, I feel I was lucky.. and this can happen to you, if you spend your anger packing boxes and seeing what is out there and going for it.. even if you have to sleep in your car.. some walmarts have places where people sleep in their cars, protected by security.. free.. find out what's out there.. it's labor day.. great weekend to start your adventure.