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You wish, don't you?

Obama is my president and while I do not agree with him on all issues, despite your unproven claims aginst him, in this case, he is for once representing the interests of the American people caring for people, not US Inc, in the name of the people.. but people are so made at all his representing US Inc., they can not see him now, as he is not.. but being a presient who is stipping up to defend the rights of those who rebel a crule dictatorship that did and does to Syrians, FAR WORSE than anything done by president Obama and US Inc, here.

To call yourself an American and not respect the president under any terms, despite disagreements, is unamerican.. You think about Obama, the way the Syrian rebels think about Assad, yet, Assad has done far worse than Obama.. and you cheer Assad? Talk about being short on braincells.. rub them on that.