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Comment: If the cops show up ...

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If the cops show up ...

and it sounds like this is probably where this is headed, unless you negotiate a few more days, but if I were her I wouldn't do that ...

Then try to get her to admit that at some point in the recent past you have paid her rent.

That might be just enough to get to cop to walk away from the situation.

God Bless.

Can you please answer my poll questions I posted below.


One other thing ...

Lie to the cop and tell him that this is first you heard that she wanted you to leave. You have been a good tenant and would be more than happy to leave and that all you want is written notice and the legally required 30 day window that a landlord must provide.

Try to hold back the lie until you get her to tell the truth that you have paid rent. (Assuming that you have paid rent).

If you get caught in the lie (cops are good at getting to the truth) then say yes she did tell me that, but I forgot and at the time I assumed that she would give me written notice if she was sincere. When I didn't get the written notice then I thought she had a change of heart.

This will confuse the cop and probably get him to walk away telling the lady to get an eviction.