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Comment: Obama is MY president because I AM and American

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Obama is MY president because I AM and American

And I support Obama's position of talking about what can be done to help the Syrians rebelling from a dictator who cut off the internat, forced military police state, put them on curfew and tortured them,, and when they cried out, it upset people who don't like seeing dictators torture and kill their own population..

And then Putin starts sending WMD for Assad to use on his own people, or who Israel? Think Putin wants another war with Israel? Why is it OK for Putin to secure his base, but America needs to leave theirs? Isn't it obvious that this is Putin's opportunity to SHOW THE US how to not entangle yourself in other nations.. or is that restriction just for the US?

As far you're caring less.. unless you are a caring person, then of course, but if you are a caring person, then you need to care more and concern yourself with those cares rather than being concerned about who is concerned about you. NO ONE should be concerned about you but the people you LOVE.

If you really care about suicides in troops, work a hot line.. see if there is something YOU can do to help than expect the government to do it. They won't. It takes someone who cares about those they call MY people.