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Neither Kerry or Obama have said anything about attacking Syria. They have both reported how they see the situation, civilians being tortured, murdered, gassed, civil war for over two years, with Putin making thermo nuclear threats.. and MSM twist that into the US is going to attack.. that's not what Obama or Kerry have said, that's what MSM YouTube propeganda, sensationalism, entertainment, for those who don't actually get past the headline. Alot of people don't get past the headline.

The proof is the lack of numbers of deaths due to terrorism.. it works.. there's far fewer deaths.. people are in prison indefinately and it's worth it to keep up what you might want to think as an illusion.. as long as they have the power, their illusion is going to continue to have the helm in the control room, no matter what you, me or anyone says.

I think we're about to meet the NWO, and I wish as a nation we would be headed in the same direction as Israel, who has stayed OUT of the Syrian civil war, rather than become like Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Syria.