Comment: Wow, you have it twisted. The

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Wow, you have it twisted. The

Wow, you have it twisted. The rebels in Syria ARE the Jihadists that have been given weapons by our own government. Remember when McCain had his photo op with some guys that kidnapped 11 religious pilgrims.

Do the 'good' rebels have special ID cards so our gov. knows to give them weapons? No. Our government has an agenda to overthrow the Assad regime and will attempt to do so using clandestine means despite the consequences. Why would Assad be tolerant of Christians living in the country then suddenly when he is in the geopolitical spotlight decide to bring in gangs of religious extremists to run amok in his country?

Putin and Assad are not saints, but if you count how many countries that have been bombed by Syria, Russia and US the scale will tip heavily in the US side under Obama.

Further, Syria is a flashpoint due to treaties they have with Iran and this is in Russia's backyard. If China was funding rebels and then wanted to bomb Vancouver, BC you know damn well we would be involved and act as a counter balance.

If Syria was important to US interests and we had a valid reason for military action we should have Congress debate it and declare war per the US Constitution, not a unilateral action by our president. WWI started with a flash point which quickly escalated, today world politics is far more intertwined and the weapons capabilities far more devastating, even reaching the US mainland.

Granger, tell me right now that you support Obama despite him circumventing our Constitution and that you think removing Assad is worth possibly starting WWIII and mass casualties of Americans because that is what you are implying.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.