Comment: Email this to your congressmen. Might as well try this.

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Email this to your congressmen. Might as well try this.

Congressman _______ :

With the President's speech today, Congress will soon be asked to approve of yet another war of aggression this time perpetrated against Syria. Going to war should never be done lightly, especially where evidence is lacking. In the case of Syria, there is no evidence implicating the Syrian government in the recent chemical attacks, and even if there was clear evidence, Syria poses no threat to our national security. We have been the world's policemen for decades, which is why both the UK and NATO are not supporting our war plans to attack yet another country. Why should they when they know that we will most likely take this unilateral military action anyway whether they are with us or not. This hypocrisy of a Nobel Peace Prize winning president taking us to war under the guise of providing humanitarian assistance is nothing short of stunning.

I urge you to vote NO on any resolutions or bills that commit this great country to war against Syria.

Thank you for your serious consideration,