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No they are not the Jihidists

If you know the history, when Assad came into power, he became a police state, he shut don the internet, he was worse the the YouTubes you see of what's happening here, and he was killing his own people who rebelled against his crackdown (selling out Syria to the NWO).. At first, people who saw the crackdown and don't want a NWO for Syria, joined them, there are refugees, mained, disabled and people killed Assad started with killing protesters. How would you like it if Obama started killing protesters.

Because of the dynamics, the religious aspects, the Christians have seen governments come and go, so they will appease Assad, other Christian Churches who appease Assad, small churches with natice communities, comparible to Baptists Churches in the South, standing with the government, it's like me standing with Obama on this.. He is my president.. Assad is their president, we enter the new enslavement without rebellion..

This pissed some rebellion groups off because the Churches were not standing for the people, as they thought they would, they are standing with the government, which has hurt them. Where is God for the people? The sheep come running from the slaughter, the Church says, I will pray for you...

Jihadists are from all over coming to Syria to fight for Islam, which Churches are a target also.

Obama does not want to go to war. Israel is not asking Obama for help. The UN is not asking Obama for help. Obama is testing the people of America? Do they want me or Assad? You are standing for Assad over Obama.. Assad is worse than Obama. So really, MSM and YouTube have programed you to trick you into siding with the "devil" you don't know than with the "devil" you have.

Iran, Russia, the UN, America, France, need to let go and let Israel. Syria needs to work out the problem.. the NWO does not need to work out the people who hoped for a better Syria, but instead got ASSAD HELL. If the Jihadists are killing rebels then isn't that like Assad having two fists against his people? One from the military and the other from Islam Authority. Is this any way to run a country?

You think it is.. beats what's Obama doing. What's that? What's Obama doing? He's talking. MSM says WWIII.. MSM is FOS.. lesten to what Obama and Kerry say for yourself.. neither has said they would attack.. just crossed a line.. Is MSM setting you up for ASSAD HELL?

About my supporting Obama.. ever see a list of acts and bills? Ron paul was known as Dr. KNOW, but he had his "Yeses" (especially when it came to pork for his district).

My suuport for Obama's issues are mostly NO's, I have my yes's, like this one, believe I have a say because this is my country, I didn't vote for him, but, he is my preident, and I agree that the innocent Syrians abused by the NWO under ASSAD HELL needs help, if not.. so goes Syria, so goes America.