Comment: "His views are extreme"

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"His views are extreme"

"Extreme," FFS I'm so tired of this line being used for a lukewarm libertarian like Rand Paul. Look, if you wanna use the "left vs right" spectrum to judge politics, it's the ones in the "moderate" middle part of that spectrum who are the extremists. They go about their "moderate" business with absolutely NO principled philosophy and therefore forge ahead laying WASTE to civilization itself. It's the extremist CENTRISTS who are destroying humanity.

The problem with these child-minded "progressives" is that they perceive libertarianism to be all over the left/right spectrum and therefore consider them cunning, deceptive, and extreme, which is why the left/right spectrum is such a dangerous world view. The spectrum, of course, is liberty on the one side and totalitarianism on the other. Rand Paul, for all his annoying flaws is the furthest to the liberty side in the Senate. It confuses the libtards and conservative wackos something fierce.