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Conspiracy Theorist-

Term used to describe person who believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was not a lone gunman but that it was in fact a "Conspiracy".

You are as very silly man. Do you believe that the people at the highest levels of government are completely forth coming with all of their motives? Do you believe they are being honest and open about everything they are doing? So why so critical of people who use their minds to try and explain what could be going on?

The term was used by the MSM to create a predisposition amongst the average person, that anyone who argues against official narratives a crazy cook.

Its all just a way to make you stop connecting dots for yourself and put things together without being told.

Its like when they say we have to bomb because he used chemicals. Or making such a big deal about terror but ignoring suicides or inner city violence.

What do you call it when two or more men walk into a room and discuss in secret what decisions they are going to make and what the impact's going to be, and then leave the room and not tell anyone else, and put into motion series of events to reach a desired outcome?