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Why does Russia have part in it?

Russia's freedom to occupy and trade is better than US, even though Russia is supplying WMD to use on rebels,, you know, people like Obama haters, but they are rebelling Assad, who is worse than Obama.

Assad murdered protesters, shut down the net, turned off electricty, had military and police brutality.. Assad created this rebellion by his dictatorship. Apparently, he really wanted to blow Syria up, and he is, and what CORPORATE BUSINESS makes Russia so much better than the US, or China being in the US if Obama killed protesters this weekend, shut down the internet and started a police state FEMA campas, right over there---->FEMA Assad Style (blame it on the people).

I care very much and understand that Christians have it the hardest, first, Assd doesn't want them there, but they hoped that sucking up to Assad and kissing his dictatoship foot in the rears of Syrians, the Syrians might not notice or care, that they could not run to the Church for help.. the Church had an affair going on.. so the rebels attacks those they felt betrayed the people, and the secind whammy is the Church attracts Jihadists, who believe blowing up a Christian Church is a great honor.., and for Assad, he lets the rebels and jihadists do what he wanted to do himself.

I'm not worried about Israel, it's the only country that can focus on it's mission to her people and work to THRIVE while the rest of the world burns in hell and blames each other, wishing Israel would do something, so they can blame Israel instead of face reality and take responsibility.