Comment: you talk in circles

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you talk in circles

you contradict, you forget much, you seem to always have trouble making links work during a debate, and yet they work for everyone else. what kind of computer do you have: early sears?
you seem to enjoy your down votes, and yet display grandiosity at time. occasionally you even make some good points or at least counterpoints. you LOVE israel. you dis, and bad mouth lew rockwell, justin raimondo, edward snowden, julian assange, libertarians, glen greenwald and ron paul. you spend countless hours here at DP. why? to recruit for the GOP? for rand? how's that all working out for you.

if the judge is drafted and catches fire all bets are off.

Napolitano/Johnson 2016 the dark horse ticket that takes the colleges and then the nation by storm.

i like rand fine as a senator, but do you really think he'll be able to raise the passion and numbers at colleges like his dad did. could he even speak at berkeley like his dad?

what if ron blew everybody's mind and ran? Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano 2016
he hasn't ruled it out. he said he isn't planning on it but big money can change everything

just some things think about.