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Well, Granger, I disagree

Well, Granger, I disagree whole heartedly with you this time. Our country was not founded to help the rest of the world. It was founded to stand for a place of Liberty. Where The People, not some President, ran it. We were NOT supposed to get involved in other countries, because the Founders had seen what happens throughout history, when that occurred. We were supposed to be an example, not an aggressive military force. We were supposed to be loving God, and knowing that ALL MEN (bad and good) are created equal, and should so be treated. We were founded BECAUSE the rest of the world's governments committed atrocities. We did not want that to ever happen HERE, not in Syria, Like MLK said, we were NOT to be the policemen of the whole world. This killing should not be on our hands. We do not even know what is factually true. No trials, no votes, just constant killing and filling the War Machine's pockets with profits from those deaths. It is horrible and NO ONE will ever get me to condone pre-emptive war.