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Its the duty of the parent to

Its the duty of the parent to monitor what their children watch, and to raise them right so they turn out well.

The only thing too stupid for words I can figure is how any liberty minded person can't even grasp this elementary concept of freedom and personal responsability.

This is simple. Police your own children. Keep your personal morality out of my life and the lawbooks. Don't mess with my right to life, liberty & property, and I won't mess with yours. Mind your own business. That's what freedom is. And before you start going on about "only a moral people can keep a free nation;" understand that the ONLY morality neccessary to conducting a free and prosperous humanity is the understanding that we live our lives by the non-aggression principal and natural law in an individualist society. Anything outside of this is how you to choose to personally live your life.

Having some psychotic abhorance for sex because you've been brainwashed by a book of lies written by men is not a prerequisite for a free society, and its the polar opposite of morality.